NUBIVAGANT by Dorhout Mees

‘ Nothing is more revealing than movement ‘
– Martha Graham

The gathering of birds, and other animals alike, moving in groups as one.

Their movement uncontrolled, yet feels like breathing in and out and looks like a well choreographed dance..

Dorhout Mees

They form bold silhouettes together and become a compact solid, only to fall apart in transparency in many different directions without ever touching.

Techniques inspired on many unities forming one silhouette, like tactile 3 dimensional hand knits, together with animalistic trades like

Split paws, open slits on joints, so movement of a shoulder blade is accentuated when in movement. Gold earpieces accentuating the ear itself, and shiny tight arms, contrasted next to rough or woolly textures.


Prints inspired by organic shapes like a flock of birds, hand woven fabrics that where woven with 6 different yarns that work together to create certain textures, in a way that the print becomes 3 dimensional, after adding heat. As a reference to animal skin..


‘ The movement of so many different entities in this specific way, while becoming one all together is fascinating to me…, and so became the essence of this collection. ‘


-Esther Louise Dorhout Mees

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2016 Tech Fashion Show by Tech++

Date and Time: Sat, December 3, 2016 @ 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Location: Downtown Seattle, WA


The Tech Fashion Show is more than just tech wearables. It’s about the evolving industry as a whole and how technology is shaping the industry. The runway is divided into four segments, Designers of the Future, Tech Wearables, Made with Tech, and the Buying Experience. Tech++ aims to increase awareness of the tech field and the diverse career paths one can pursue. We’re drawing women to tech in a whole new fashion, exploring how tech is transforming the industry and how that relates to you. Ticket proceeds benefit Girl in Yellow foundation and help provide education for girls in rural India.

tech fashion show

Designers of the Future

We’ve partnered with Teachers Who Tech to teach middle school girls how to incorporate digital circuits, lights, sounds, and even movement into their own outfits. These young engineers are designers too! And they’ll be walking the runway wearing their creations.

Tech Wearables

The best tech wearables are the ones that don’t feel like a gadget, but rather an accessory you can’t live without.

Made with Tech

What can 3D printing, algorithims, laser cutting, or robotics create?

Buying Experience

Fashion is no longer exlusive. Technology has transformed how we discover and access clothing we love through data analytics, social media, the sharing economy, e-commerce solutions, the cloud, and even virtual reality. So how does your favorite dress really end up in your closet? You’re about to find out!

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